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Writer Notes: Young Avengers Influences


I mentioned this in the letters page for the last issue, so thought I better get this written first. Basically, what follows is a list of comics that was going through my head when thinking about Young Avengers. Some are easily predictable, some a little more obscure. And this is off the top of my head, so I’m almost certainly missing something. May edit it later. They’re all excellent work. If you liked our Young Avengers, you’ll almost certainly love these.

No spoilers for any of the books either.

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Pages from Scarlet, written by Brian Michael Bendis, art by Alex Maleev.

It’s a truly stand-out comic that can turn something as basic as introducing a character’s back story, into a visually memorable sequence.  

At first glace, it just looks like fifteen panels in standard layout. But it’s really fifteen snapshots of the defining moments and characteristics in Scarlet’s life to date. Note that the last panel of a Portland landmark, which breaks the rhythm established so far, is enlarged to emphasize the most telling quality about her.

It’s exposition done as only a comic can do.

(Source: sequentialsmart)

How not to host a gothic tea party: I should be writing documentation but wait I have more things to say


Since I’ve been sort of …’coming out’ about this feels like the wrong phrase, since I’ve never tried to hide it but it’s come up a few times: Hi, I’m Hazel, I started reading Marvel comics 11 months ago, after seeing the Thor film.

This surprises people, primarily because I can bang on about…

Marvellous Marvel Ladies Month: Spitfire


This is late because I’m awful but I promised blackgoliath that I’d write about Jacqui, so here I am. It’s part of Marvellous Marvel Ladies Month, which is a project to celebrate the massive pantheon of Marvel ladies, many of whom are underappreciated- check the tags for loads and loads more posts of solid awesomeness.

Spitfire- where to start? She has a long, long history. She is old, old as balls and with money a lot older than that. She first entered the superhero scene as a member of the Invaders, the World War II crew that Captain America, Bucky, Namor, the original android Human Torch and Toro used to run in, punching nazis and bro’ing out. Jacqueline Falsworth was the only girl, the baddest bitch and the straight-up fastest. And she’s still going, thousand miles an hour, teeth to the wind and fist about to take your face off.

She wasn’t with the Invaders right from the beginning but maybe someone noticed it was kind of a boys’ club but after Jacqueline’s father, the original Union Jack, had a brief team-up with the Invaders she found herself on the team:


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Iron Man 3: Iron Man gets PTSD


[from the archive of ‘outrageously out of date posts that have been sitting in my drafts but then isabelthespy followed me and I remembered I was writing them so I returned to the scene of my crimes’ (a series of one)]

I have a strict policy regarding not caring about Tony Stark. Well, had. I started reading Marvel comics eight eleven months ago, after seeing The Avengers and first decided I was definitely only interested in comics featuring Asgardians, then that I was definitely only interested in the core Avengers and that I was not getting into X-Men, then that I was only interested in the more esoteric teams, then that I was honestly only interested in Wolverine and that was why I was reading these X-Men comics, then that I was just really strictly going to keep it to Apocalypse storylines and well, nevermind. The point is: I have read a lot of comics, none of which made me care about Tony Stark.

I care a lot about Pepper, of course and Rhodey. Pepper and Rhodey are GREAT! I even bought the Stark Resilient section of Iron Man just because obviously I was strictly only after the bit where Pepper became Rescue and not at all interested in any way, shape or form in Tony Stark, who I maintained was a dickhead too far for me. I’ve never fancied Robert Downey Jr (I have checked and my pulse is still functional, yet: nothing) and so I can say with all genuine honesty that I went to see this film because Pepper was going to put on the suit. That was important to me. Pepper! In a suit! The best.

Thing is though, I might not really have many feelings about Tony Stark but I have like a million feelings about Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and man; normally, it is handled so badly in popular culture. But this film? This film was fucking brilliant.

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The Daydreamer 18”x24” watercolour on paper inspired by my friendship with singer/songwriter/magic-maker S. J. Tucker of and Tricky Pixie.  Being offered for $400 (includes shipping cost to any of the contiguous US).
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The Daydreamer 18”x24” watercolour on paper inspired by my friendship with singer/songwriter/magic-maker S. J. Tucker of and Tricky Pixie.  Being offered for $400 (includes shipping cost to any of the contiguous US).

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